Friday, September 10, 2010

High School. Yes.

High school. Scary stuff. EVERYONE IS SO TALL! Is it just me, or does everyone feel like, incredibly short?! Everyone's so huge. And I hate lunch. And the classes are incredibly long and boring. BUT.. I love everyone i've met so far and all the friends I made. Haha. Yeah, it's great. Everything else pretty much sucks and I fail at everything. 'Kay.. great post. Yeah.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lucille Elinor Thomas

This post is dedicated to Lucy Thomas..

Soooo before this year I didn't really know Lucy.. what a shame. Then she was on my softball team (yikes, what an exciting time that was) and I got to know her better. Shes kind of a whack job (no offense) but she's incredibly amazing. She's really good at softball and it's pretty funny because she enjoys having people write inappropriate things on her helmet. She went to West and now she's going to the high school, with me, YEAH BABY! Anyways, i've known her for a bit now and she's really funny. I even saw her wrestle one time. Yes, she is a wrestler, she was on the wrestling team at West. Crazy stuff, man, crazy stuff. She takes a lot of odd pictures with her phone but that's okay. She also enjoys singing along to musicals such as Annie, The Lion King, and many other classics. It's quite enjoyable to hear about. Anyways, if you don't already know Lucy you either should, or shouldn't. If you don't like crazy people then don't, but if you enjoy crazy people, then you should.. again.. no offense. Anywho, I think my work here is done.

Peace out.....................


We dropped my sister off at college yesterday /: . It is actually amazing there! The campus at the U of M is huge, there's TONS of hot guys, it just has this big, overwhelming yet welcoming feeling (: . It's great! I actually truly want to go to college right now. We set her up in her dorm with her roommate and it just looks so cozy and I know it'll be amazing. All the people were really friendly and they came from just about everywhere! Christinas' roommate has a friend there (at the U of M) all the way from India.. it's just amazing. I can't wait 'till I go to college :D .


Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey there!
So on Saturday was my friend Kylies' birthday. We went swimming. Ah, swimming. Night swimming as well as, er, day swimming! I got badly burnt though. So just a reminder.. always wear sunscreen (: Haha. Anyways. I love swimming. Whether its jumping in or just floating around relaxing. I always feel relaxed while i'm lounging in or around the pool.

Just remember that sunscreen next time.. yeah baby.!

Steph (:

Friday, August 27, 2010

VaLLeYfAiR (: --Like the letters?

TODAY I WENT TO VALLEYFAIR!!!! I absoloutely love it there. I got soaked on "The Wave", but then after going on "Steel Venom" I dried.. uhm, almost instantaneously. It was so amazing. I love everything about Valleyfair. Even if it's wayyyy too pricey, ahem, our lunch for four cost 50 bucks (: Hahah. Oh well! I love it there. I rode almost all the rides and everything there's just great!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay, so I kind of like love music, who doesn't right?

Here is my personal favorite playlist of music.. A.K.A. my "top hits" and such..

White Horse - Taylor Swift .. this is mainly good for days when you're feeling a tad bit depressed.

Take It Off - Ke$ha .. great for energy and such (:

Diary - Tino Coury .. energy AND depression I guess.. maybe a good "angry feeling" song?

Dynamite - Taio Cruz.. overall beastly song.

Magic - B.o.B.

I Like It - Enrique Iglesias

With or Without You - U2.. this is pretty much a very sad song, but it's also very good, if not, empowering.

I'm Awesome - Spose. BEYOND LEGIT SONG!!

Anyone else have any good songs??


Aww.. how cute (:

Some ah-doooorable pics!!

Steph (: